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Post  Pills on Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:21 am

name?: Imran or Pills

age?: 15 very mature

experience flyff?: played for a while account got hacked to i thought i might try find some private severs

experience with computers?: im on all the time and im willing to learn anything new and exciting

experience being gm?: iv been admin gm or lots games -wow-maple-LOL runescape !!! but yeah very trusted and i love having fun, never get in trouble only wit my mum... being on too long lolz but yeah love the community and always talkin.. lolz

why should we choose you?: always on i help lots, lots being occupied buy talking and helping, im dedicated like the sever i hope, good leadership and always just love havin a chat or helping out for those in need. i never lose my temperature unless someone really over does it

what you gonna do to help us?: anything i can.

do you promise us to not break any rule?: i would never break the rules or disturb ones who r concentrating

give us some more information about who you are and more?: im from Australia and i dont think u r so i got a good time zone im in.. i love cheese and think everyone will love me hope to see you all soon--- need to talk to anyone add me on MSN imranshukur-10@hotmail.com

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